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We are Birmingham base company. We are manufacturer of Flapjack, Rice Crispi’s, Brownies, Protein bar. We are specialize in Flapjack during a short span of time our products are well known in the market. We are supplying delicious and chewy flapjack in different flavor throughout UK. We use maintain the consistency of our product by using products from the approved UK Supplier.We can also produce products with rebranding service.  Read More...


Milliona Flapjack: White Flapjack: Orignal Flapjack: Milliona Cramel Flapjack: Mix Fruits Flapjack: Sultana Flapjack: A go-to easy flapjack recipe from Mary Berry. All of the medley of butter.

Rice Crisps

White Chock Krispies: Milk Chock Krispies: Treats You Will Need 100g butter or margarine 180g milk chocolate chips 300g assorted fresh fruits 120g Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Natural yoghurt


Red Walnut Cake: Vanila Cake: Coconut Husk Cake: Dark Choc Cake: We know how to make quality cakes that will taste great and keep your customers supplied with a loaf they will enjoy day.


Blueberry Muffin: Cherry Muffin: Chock Chip Muffin: Smarties Muffin: These little cuties are also perfect for kids parties. Muffin with chocolate glaze and smarties.Yummy for you and your’s.

Energy Bars

Super-simple, 3-ingredient ketogenic energy bars that can be varied in multiple ways. Made without cooking or baking, they are also vegan, paleo, grain-free and have 7.6 g protein per bar. Summer is off to a rip-roaring start, which means I need all of the portable energy.

Protein Bars

A little burst of lemon in the afternoon? Some cinnamon raisin to start your day? What about some peanut butter and jelly for lunch? Can’t decide? Go for all of them and then some, with the Bari Life Crispy Protein Bars Variety Box.

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